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Archaeology & Anthropology Field Schools

Europe - Spain - Cova Gran Archeological Project - 2012

Europe - Spain - Cova Gran Archeological Project - 2012

Archaeology Field School Location and Dates

Application Deadline
Start Date 2012-07-01
End Date 2012-08-04

Archaeology Field School Location


Archaeology Field School Tuition and Credits

Sponsoring College/Institution

Institute for Field Research, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Centro Nacional de Evoluciˇn Humana, Burgos (CENIE), California State University, Northridge

Academic Credit

8 Semester credits units awarded by California State University, Northridge

Archaeology Field School Tuition

$4,900 CSU system students; $5,050 all others

Archaeology Field School Room and Board


Additional Information on Tution/Room and Board/Travel Costs

All inclusive; Food is provided Monday? Saturday (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Students are responsible for their own meals on Sundays if they choose to take them at local restaurants.
Please let us know when you apply for this program if you have special dietary needs, as well as any medical or physical conditions. We will advise you accordingly.

Archaeology Field School Description

This project will explore the dramatic changes in subsistence and social organization during the Palaeolithic, a time period that is key for the understanding of the past 50,000 years of human evolution. The South-eastern Pyrenees have a rich archaeological heritage, with human settlement spanning from the Late Middle Paleolithic through the Neolithic. This project focuses on the Cova Gran-Santa Linya site, which contains material culture from both Neanderthals and modern humans around the MIS 3/2 limit. Cova Gran also contains deposits belonging to the late Upper Paleolithic and the transition from hunter-gatherer to shepherd-farmers. Working alongside colleagues and students from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (, students will gain experience in a range of archaeological techniques and methods. This course will also provide students with training cultural heritage management and scientific research.


Archaeology Field School Additional Information

Archaeology Field School Type


Time Period


What is the daily schedule for the field school

See website for syllabus

Number of years this Archaeology Field School has been in operation

Directors and Instructors

Dr. Rafael Mora, Dr. Jorge Martinez-Moreno, Dr. Alfonso Benito-Calvo

Specialized skills you will have the opportunity to learn

Field methods in archaeology, and a practical working knowledge of survey, excavation, lab, and field cataloging methods.

Will there be additional organized activities?

Four visits are planned during the course:

1) General introduction to the la Noguera landscape: a walking tour into the scenic landscape of Mont-Rebei, Terradets and Camarasa gorges

2) Life in the Middle Age villages of la Marca superior frontier: La Noguera was the intense border between Muslim and Christian kingdoms. Castles, impressive Muslim villages, small Romanic chapels and powerful monasteries describe the social life in the area and the coexistence of Islamic, Jewish and Christian communities in Balaguer along the IX-XII centuries (;

3) Roca dels Bous rockshelter offers the possibility to take a trip in space and time to learn who indigenous populations were and how did the groups Neanderthals that inhabited the Pyrenees valleys 40,000 years ago. This living project proposes an interactive visit combining the use of digital tablets (iPAD) with the research advances carried out annually. This window to the past facilitates understanding of the traces preserved at the site allowing participants to understand Neanderthals activities in the repeated visits to the shelter (;

4) Parc Astron˛mic Montsec (PAM): combines the development of scientific research with the training and outreach activities, particularly in the field of Astronomy. Thanks to its retractable dome and front wall, the Montsec Eye gives viewers an uninterrupted view of the sky with an exceptional facility consisting of a multimedia digital planetarium which recreates the current sky as well as those of any other periods. This makes it an incomparable screening room which is capable of recreating total immersion virtual environments (

Archaeology Field School Contact Information and Website

Field School Website:

Field School Contact Information

"cols='40'" rows="rows='8'" style="width:75%; height:;" class="mce_editable">Institute for Field Research
1855 Industrial St. #106
Los Angeles CA. 90021

Tel: 424.226.6130
Fax: 310.837.0193

Field School Contact E-mail:
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Field School Contact Website:

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