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Archaeology & Anthropology Field Schools

Europe - Italy - NIU Archaeological Field School in Sicily 2013

Archaeology Field School Location and Dates

Application Deadline
Start Date 2013-06-10
End Date 2013-07-07

Multiple Sessions No

Archaeology Field School Location

Salemi, Sicily, Italy

Archaeology Field School Tuition and Credits

Sponsoring College/Institution

Northern Illinois University

Academic Credit

Six credits of graduate/undergraduate credit

Archaeology Field School Tuition

$4000 (Airfare is not included. Financial aid and loans available to qualified applicants)

Archaeology Field School Room and Board

Included in tuition

Archaeology Field School Description

Explore the rich archaeological past of ancient Sicily, uncovering the ancient Iron Age, Greek, Roman, and Medieval remains beneath modern Salemi, Sicily. Live and excavate in a city which is over 2500 years old while learning to excavate stratigraphically and discovering artifacts from the past. Salemi was first inhabited by the indigenous Iron Age Elymi of western Sicily 2500 years ago. Since then, Salemi has been inhabited continuously through the Greek contact, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Norman, Swabian, Medieval, Renaissance, and modern periods. Excavations in the modern city of Salemi commenced in 2001, discovering an Elymian house. Since then, NIU's excavations have uncovered Greek contact period houses, Roman cisterns, Medieval buildings and cisterns, Renaissance grain silo's, and much more.
Instruction will consist of two modules including field excavation and museum -exhibit development. Students will learn hands-on field excavation techniques, archaeological mapping, artifact processing, pottery illustration, vessel reconstruction, exhibit design, and exhibit installation. Excavation and museum schedules include full days Monday through Friday and half days on Saturdays. Lectures on the history and archaeology of Salemi and western Sicily will be complemented by weekend trips to nearby archaeological sites including Mokarta, Segesta, Erice (ancient Eryx), Marsala, and Selinunte (ancient Selinus).
Student participation is organized by Northern Illinois University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Study Abroad Office. Contact Professor Michael Kolb, PhD, Department of Anthropology, Northern Illinois University;; tel. (815)753-7037 for more information. This program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at any university or college. This six-credit course covers all field school activities, airfare to Sicily not included.

Archaeology Field School Additional Information

Archaeology Field School Type

This project instructs field archaeological methods, laboratory methods, and museum exhibit design and installation

Time Period

Iron Age, Greek contact, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Norman, Swabian, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern

Field School Setting/Conditions

Salemi is a small community located in west-central Sicily surrounded by rolling mountains offering excellent vistas in the Mediterranean climate.

How is the project area accessed each day

Transportation from/to the Palermo airport (PMO) is included as well as all daily transportation to/from the site and all scheduled weekend excursions.

What is the daily schedule for the field school

Field excavations or museum design will take place from 7 am to approximately 3 pm Mondays through Fridays with several breaks during the day. Field excavations and museum design will continue on Saturdays from 8 am until noon. Lectures and laboratory activities will take place on weekday afternoons. Planned excursions to local archaeological sites and beaches will take place saturday afternoons and sundays.

Number of years this Archaeology Field School has been in operation

Directors and Instructors

Dr. Michael J. Kolb - Project/Field Director
Dr. William M. Balco - Lab Director

Specialized skills you will have the opportunity to learn

Excavation methods
Laboratory methods
X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) techniques
Museum exhibit design
Museum exhibit installation

On rain days will there be lab work?

Laboratory exercises and lectures will take place on rare rain days

Will there be additional organized activities?

Planned excursions to local archaeological sites such as Mokarta (Bronze Age village), Segesta (Iron Age, Roman, Medieval site), Erice (Ancient Eryx, Iron Age, Roman, Medieval site), Marsala (Roman site), Selinunte (Greek colony), and Mozia (Phoenician colony) as well as modern Palermo will take place on weekends.

Will there be additional organized activities?

Evening lectures will cover topics such as background history, archaeological ceramics analysis, compositional methods used in archaeology, as well as other topics.

Archaeology Field School Contact Information and Website

Field School Website:

Field School Contact Information

NIU Study Abroad Office
Study Abroad Office, Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
United States of America
Phone: (815)753-0700

Field School Contact E-mail:
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