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Archaeology & Anthropology Field Schools

Europe - Spain - Torre d'en Galmés - 2015

Europe - Spain - Torre d'en Galmés - 2015

Archaeology Field School Location and Dates

Start Date 2015-07-06
End Date 2015-08-22

Multiple Session information

July: 3 weeks (from 6 to 25 of July), 2 weeks (from 6 to 18 or from 13 to 25 of July) and 1 week (from 6 to 11, from 13 to 18 and from 20 to 25 of July).

August: 3 weeks (from 3 to 22 of August), 2 weeks (from 3 to 15 or from 10 to 22 of August) and 1 week (from 3 to 8, from 10 to 15 and from 17 to 22 of August).

Archaeology Field School Location

Minorca (Balearic Islands) - Avda. Doctor Guardia, s/n. - 07701 Maó

Archaeology Field School Tuition

3 weeks: 750 EUR.
2 weeks: 550 EUR.
1 week: 300 EUR.

Archaeology Field School Room and Board

Is included in tuition.

Archaeology Field School Travel
Additional Information on Tution/Room and Board/Travel Costs

Airfare to Menorca is not included.

Archaeology Field School Description

Archaeological Field School.
Field School Schedule.
The Archaeological Field School is divided into two 3-week sessions: from July 7
through July 27, and from August 4 to August 24 (days in red, see attached PDF).
Course Description: Fieldwork.
-Field experience in archaeological excavation techniques.
The students will conduct open-area excavations of each stratigraphic unit and
they will collect data and artifacts.
-Identification of archaeological remains.
Participants will learn to identify archaeological artifacts excavated on the
-Field drawing: plans and sections.
Students will active participate in recording the excavation by drawing plans
and sections of the excavated area.
-Use of archaeological surveying instruments.
Students will learn how to use an automatic level, a theodolite and to
understand the principles of using a total station.
-Graphic documentation of the excavations.
Creation of a graphic record of the excavation by means of photography to recordthe excavation process and material recovery.
-Collection and processing of soil samples.
Collection of soil samples destined to flotation to recover anthracological,
carpological, microfauna and micro-malacological remains. Collection of soil
samples for pollen analysis.
- Preventive and remedial conservation of archaeological artifacts.
Preservation in situ of materials that need consolidation and restoration.
Course Description: Lectures.
-Field experience in archaeological excavation techniques.
-Pre- and Protohistory of the western Mediterranean and Menorca.
-The Balearic islands under the Roman Empire.
-Washing and treatment of archaeological artifacts.
-Identification and classification of protohistoric and ancient pottery.
-Drawing of archaeological finds.
-Consolidation and first-aid treatment of archaeological finds.
-Archaeological and historical heritage management.
-Physical anthropology applied to archaeology.
Field trips.
The on-site work is complemented by field trips conducted to several
archaeological sites on the island and to some of its beaches. Every Saturday
and once during the week students will be taken on archaeological field trips.
Daily schedule.
Excavation will be conducted from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.
Cleaning of archaeological materials will take place from 1:00 - 2:00 pm.
Lectures will be held at the Museu de Menorca from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Archaeology Field School Additional Information

Archaeology Field School Contact Information and Website

Field School Website:

Field School Contact Information

Amics del Museu de Menorca: Joaquim Pons
Avda. Doctor Guardia, s/n. - 07701 Maó

Field School Contact E-mail:
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Field School Contact Website:

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