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Archaeology & Anthropology Field Schools

Europe - Spain - Visigothic City of Begastri - 2015

Archaeology Field School Location and Dates

Application Deadline
Start Date 2015-07-19
End Date 2015-08-02

Archaeology Field School Location

Cehegín - Murcia - Spain

Academic Credit

5 ECTS credits and 125 hours

Archaeology Field School Tuition

150 €

Archaeology Field School Room and Board

Rates include:

• Room and Board
• Seminars and workshops
• Excursions and activities
• Health insurance
• Administrative costs

Part of its quota will be allocated to research

Rates do not include airfare or arrival transport.

Archaeology Field School Travel

Archaeology Field School Description


A vital existence during the period of the Republic rather gray and irrelevant where patterns of Iberian settlement had to be kept roughly even dressed with the new guidelines and prerogatives established by the Romans following the arrival of the Principality and training Empire after the turbulent years of civil wars that eventually left as sole ruler Augusto; new perspectives and approaches emerged ideological change due to start some process or chain reaction, because we see that from now on urban life in Hispania begins to revitalize, and the formation of municipalities in the High Empire’s rule. In this context should be framed Begastri municipality.

Classical Period

In this period the city of Begastri had to be a reduced, at best, town of importance but it is interesting that Roman culture had not forgotten pervade these territories to its influence. Especially after the arrival of the Empire shy but we see a clear increase of the material presence, which will become more substantial accordance Let’s weigh higher chronologies.


Late period.

It really is at this time when the city of Begastri reaches its peak, and especially in the final century of the Visigothic Kingdom, when this village is endorsed with the appearance of his episcopal see in various Councils Toledanos. However, the bishopric (1) itself should not be a clear and indisputable sign of vital importance or very marked; as rightly noted, Orihuela became provincial capital and an important center of Visigothic administration and instead was never bishopric. In this sense, rather than political or economic considerations may well prevail pastoral needs. the invasion of Tarik and Muza be seen from under the covenant of 713, which the city had possibly not experience any traumatic process; however, at that time Begastri had its own martyr result of the Arab oppression, a boy named Antonino, 718; previously know if they could be similar cases in the persecution of Decius (249) or Diocletian (303).


All Late Antiquity, both in the overall framework of the Empire as Hispania or particularly in our Southeastern be understood by the relentless presence of these elements: the increasing militarization, an increasingly autocratic trend in the imperial power, crippling fiscal oppression and changing religious activity; the sacredness of life prevails in all aspects, and the miracle is usual. The rigor and reasoning of the old pagan philosophy and science concepts will eventually be completely unknown, society is polarized and find everywhere a world that moves only at the ends. Figures to follow in this distressing and always turbulent period by invasions and conflicts are holy men, usually Christian monks of strong personality and great influence which is attributed healing powers.

Next tradition

Have been considered various possibilities to define a concrete way to Begastri, and in recent years new approaches and pottery dating delayed substantially by the first interpretations (see note 1). Today it seems clear that the city remained intact its functionality and structure during the eighth and ninth centuries .; theory of total seizure partner to the Muslim invasion and the end of the Visigothic Kingdom of Hispania, we have moved to a reconsideration supported by material remains and pottery that indicate the surprising persistence of life in the city, although often in a residual and minimal until the late Middle ages and the Reconquista. In large part, this phenomenon was due to mozárabe factor, since those had to feel a strong emotional feeling of attachment to the defeated and dismantled city, only reminder of the golden days of Hispano-Visigothic splendor that had finished forever, and perhaps also their only consolation for affronting their new situation, bitter and depressed. There seems absurd to consider that while he remained in the collective memory the memory of aggression and destruction of the city, a dwindling population mozárabes refused to abandon their primitive home to move to Cehegín, which many of them should be just a symbol of Muslim power they detested, and a new town that looked resentfully, which surely would be treated as inferior for obvious political and religious considerations.


Archaeology Field School Additional Information

Archaeology Field School Type

Visigothic History

Time Period

from iberico to islamic

How is the project area accessed each day


What is the daily schedule for the field school

work from 7 to 2, from monday to saturday

Number of years this Archaeology Field School has been in operation
Is there a professional certification for this field school

Certificate by University of Murcia

Directors and Instructors

Director: Dr. José Antonio Molina Gómez
Archaeology instructor: José Antonio Zapata, Francisco Peñalver, José Javier Martínez, Celso Sánchez

Will there be additional organized activities?

During the excavation we will visit some places and nearby sites directly related to Coimbra and its surrounding.
– Roman Villa of Los Cantos.
– Fuente Caputa.

Is travel restriced during free time?


Archaeology Field School Contact Information and Website

Field School Website:

Field School Contact Information

jose javier Martínez
C/ Actor isidoro MAiquez 9, Murcia

Field School Contact E-mail:
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